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                地址: 蘇ㄨ州市南溪江路255號
                  錦悅商業墨麒麟淡淡开口道中心㊣ 803-804室
                手機:+86 1565 110 6261
                電話:+86 512 6265 8463
                獵頭信息: 電子高級工程就是没有找到适合让青木神针进阶師 / 經理
                發布日期: 2020/10/19
                LOCATION: Beijing, China
                A solid US based, multinational public company designs, manufactures, markets semiconductor wafer
                processing equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits.
                • Designs, develops, modifies and evaluates electronic parts, components or integrated circuitry for semiconductor equipment.
                • Determines design approaches and parameters.
                • Analyzes equipment to establish operating data, conducts experimental tests and evaluates results.
                • Selects components and equipment based on analysis of specifications and reliability.
                。May also review vendor capability to support product development.
                • Collaborate with site FSE, FPE and oversea developer on continued improvement programs (CIP) for established process.
                • Work closely with FSE, FPE and customers to solve electrical issues, and drive problems solving.

                • Regarded as the technical expert in their particular field
                • Demonstrates in-depth and/or breadth of expertise in own discipline and broad knowledge of other disciplines within the function
                • Solves unique and complex problems with broad impact on the business; requires conceptual and innovative thinking to develop solutions
                • Communicates complex ideas, anticipates potential objections and persuades others, often at senior levels, to adopt a different point of view
                • Must flexible in changing working priorities and working hours to support business need.
                • Qualifications Education: Bachelor's
                • Years of Experience:5+ -- 10+ Years
                • Required trave
                聯系人:承先生     電話:+86 512 6265 8463     +86 1565 110 6261
                郵件:joe.chen@careerdream123.com       網址:www.careerdream123.com